Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nora Bora

We here at Us and Things have been deluged with requests for more pictures of Nora. And, by deluged, I mean two of you asked. This series of pictures represents my best efforts at a photo shoot.

The problem is that she won't (can't?) hold still. She is the wiggliest kid I've ever met. She's up, she's down, she wants to crawl over here. What's that? Can I eat it? Pick me up. Let go of me.

We had our neighbors watch our kids when we went to El Charro, birthplace of the chimichanga, which I never thought were good until I had The Pollo Elegante, and now I wish I had an extra-large stomach so I could eat two. Pollo Elegante... so good. Oh, anyway, our neighbors. When we came back, she said, "wow! Nora gets around. We were watching a movie and Lillian was sitting nicely and Nora was on my lap, then on the ground, then on John, then in the toys, then she went in the other room, and when I went to go look, she was up on the 3rd shelf of the bookcase."


Bridget said...

Aaaaaah what a cutie! She looks a lot like Lillian.

Vivian said...

thanks. this doesn't mean you're off the hook though. keep chasing.

Allison said...

She's very cute. She's a lot less fat (that doesn't sound right.) you know what I mean? She's losing some of that baby chub. Also... is that a business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back hairdo?

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