Saturday, March 13, 2010

Save me Captain Moroni!

Take a minute to look over the above picture. Let me briefly explain the story behind the picture for who have never read the Book of Mormon. The central figure of this story is Moroni who, in an effort to rally the troops tears off a piece of his coat and writes some inspiring words on it. "In defense of our homes, our wives, our children, our liberties," or something like that (Tyler also suggested "from hell's heart I stab at thee," but I think that he's getting mixed up). Moroni attaches this piece of his coat to a pole and calls it the Title of Liberty and rides around and inspires men to join his cause to fight off the enemy.

This is a moderately famous painting in Mormon culture, so it shows up a lot, like on the front of the church programs, or in the Gospel Art Kit (a collection of paintings about scripture stories) that we recently purchased.

Tyler opened to this painting and said, "when I was little, I always thought those pointy things were his ears, like he was an elf... and that it looked like all those people on the bottom were drowning in lava. (In a cartoonish voice) 'Save me Moroni, save me!' Actually, it still kind of looks like that to me."

I think this highlights a key difference between boys and girls as the only thing I ever thought was unusual about this painting was that he must have had a big coat.


Carrie G said...

I never noticed his elf ears/pointy hat thingys before, but I will now forevermore.

krissiecook said...

Yeah, I'm with Amanda on this one. I always wondered why someone living where he can wear so little would have a trenchcoat laying around for long declarations.

thejerry said...

I'm with Tyler on the Lava part. I was never quite sure what he was standing on. Dead bodies? Lava? And I could never figure out how he was going to defend himself against all those swords that were about to strike at his knees.

Allison said...

I have to admit I've never thought of any of these things. I did think he, like all good BofM men, was very muscly, but that's it. I never even considered the size of his coat, which now that I look at it is HUGE!

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