Monday, May 18, 2009

Girlie time

This past weekend, Tyler flew to Utah to pick up the newest member of our family, leaving me and the girls. Alone. For two days. What to do when you're 3 girls alone with no male influence? Hello, make brownies and watch girly movies, of course.

I'd like to thank my new best friend Miss Nemesis for the North & South recommendation. (She doesn't know we're best friends, mostly because we've never met, and I'm pretty sure she has no idea I exist.)

It has everything you'd want: self-actualized female lead, brooding male lead with dead sexy facial stubble, beautiful English countryside, mutiny, misunderstandings, and so on.

For some reason, the girls did not enjoy it as much as I did. Huh. Maybe they don't have enough estrogen in their little bodies to appreciate Richard Armitage's facial hair, and, let's hope it stays that way. I had to finish watching it after they went to bed, but the final scene was worth staying up late for.

Also, this movie reminded me of a roommate I had once when I was in Santa Barbara. She was some brand of drama major and during the time I lived with her, she took a circus performing class (in which she learned how to juggle and balance things on her chin), a mask making class (in which she made masks out of papier mâché and laundry baskets), and an accents class (in which she had to learn various accents (at this point I seriously considered switching majors)). While in those first 18 years of my life, I was vaguely aware that there were different accents contained within England, but I pretty much thought that there were just two: Mary Poppins and Bert. This roommate had to learn a few British ones, including the Queen's English and practiced by saying "Haady Pottaa." Also memorable was her practicing a monologue about Toxoplasmosis from Trainspotting.

Anyway, in the movie, the actors do a good job with the accents. That was really my only point.


Emily said...

Congrats on your new addition. I love Miss Nemesis too :).

Bridget said...

YES!!! N&S is SO good. I think I heard about it from Miss Nemesis and also an old friend Lark. I will love them forever for it. I don't really understand why EVERYONE has heard of the P&P miniseries but no one really knows about this one. It's like P&P with a social conscience.

I love the northern English accent now.

The music is really good, too, if you're into soundtracks. It's free online somewhere (legitimately).

Tyler Ball said...

Our car actually looks slightly different as it is last years model.

And you would be surprised how often "the roommate who took the circus performing class" comes up. I think Amanda may have missed her calling.

Bridget said...

And I think that the next time I see Tyler, he's going to be sporting some facial stubble.

Myriah said...

I love stubble. I love it.

Usually. Some guys just make it look pathetic.

And, thanks for not showing a picture of your car.

Natchel said...

Wait. Why have I never heard of this movie? Brooding, stubble-faced sexy British men are just my cup of tea! :) No really, was this on Masterpiece recently and I didn't know about it? I thought I had seen all of them...

Lu&Moo said...

I love the fact that N&S has the social conscience (as noted by Bridget) because I'm thinking productive, socially-conscious thoughts while simultaneously enjoying the unfolding of a romance. Score!

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