Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shopping on The Internets

I recently tried to purchase some new clothes. Actually, I tried twice. The first time, I left the kids with Tyler and headed to Target. I just needed some 'in between time' clothes while I figure out what I'm going to do with my post-baby-#2 muffin top. Target failed me.

Then, I tried to go to the mall. I took Rachel with me for moral support and left Lillian at a friend's house. I worked hard. I tried things on but to no avail; I was stymied by horizontal stripes. First point: who knew horizontal stripes were in style? Second point: I learned from Stacy London that horizontal stripes are bad juju because they make you look wider than you actually are. And, as breastfeeding has made me already, ahem, wide, this is not a look I'm going for.

Thus, I ventured into the world of the internets and found:

Down East Basics

I've known about this site for some time, but this was the first time I've actually purchased anything from them. I bought the above shirt and I love it love it love it. It is soft and cuddly and perfectly disguises my midsection. I also bought a church outfit that I wore last Sunday and received many compliments on.

Edit: I was nervous about sizing as well, especially because I'm not my "normal" size, so I took my measurements and ordered the corresponding sizes. To answer Michelle's question: I think that the sizes run pretty much right on. The clothes are designed with the Mormon woman in mind, so all the shirts are very long, which I love.

I was afraid of the world of online shopping, but no longer. I think I may never buy from a brick and mortar store again. At least, not as long as the world is plagued with horizontal stripes.


michelle said...

I always want to buy something there but I get nervous about sizing. Somehow, my personal size ranges from a small to x-large and I haven't even eaten in between. How did the sizes run? Right on? Small? Big? Inquiring minds want to know. And to see your new church outfit.

Anne & Aaron said...

I bought a striped shirt a couple weeks ago...

Anonymous said...

I also have that shirt!!! And I love it!!

Bridget said...

Everything you said about post-baby shopping is so true. I will be looking for this lovely shirt to make an appearance. If I ever see you again, that is, since you're DEFECTING TO SAHUARITA.

Cheryl said...

As I...ahem, live in Utah...I do go to the "brick and mortar" version of this store. And yes. I love it all: shirts, skirts, dresses and other
Good luck with the in between stuff

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