Sunday, March 01, 2009

Food Adventures

I don't like fish. Did you know about this? I'm not sure when it all started, but I can remember eating mahi mahi when I was 12 and being really surprised that I liked it because I expected it to be gross. I think I don't like the flimsiness of it; I like my meat to have a little bite. Anyway, fish is really good for you, and much like the time when I was really poor in college and tried to force myself to like oranges because they are very good for you and cheap, I thought I'd make a go at eating fish. I meant to buy halibut but turns out, it's really expensive, so I bought these tilapia fillets. I just seasoned them with salt and pepper and sprinkled them with fresh sage. They were pretty good. Maybe I'll work up to eating fish once a month and see where it goes from there.

The big food adventure, however, was this:

Buffalo burgers.

See, I read this book called American Buffalo which I'll probably blog about in the Reading Room tomorrow. In short, it made me really curious about what buffalo tastes like.

When we very first moved here, I noticed that they sold ground buffalo right between the ground beef and ground chorizo at our local Safeway. At the time, I thought, "what kind of crazy place is this?" That was before I wanted to eat some.

Survey says: we couldn't taste a difference. It was good, don't get me wrong. Even Lillian ate some. But, I didn't think they tasted any different than your average hamburger. Apparently, buffalo are a much "greener" option compared to cows when it comes to red meat... maybe that's why the meat is $7 a pound.


Anne & Aaron said...

halibut = delicious = expensive.... buffalo = green meat = because no one eats it.

Natchel said...

I'm not a fish person either and I seriously doubt that I will ever be a buffalo person! Glad you enjoyed it though...

Emily said...

I am impressed with your bravery. No amount of greeness could have made me eat that. But now that I know it doesn't taste that different...I'll still probably never eat it.

Myriah said...

You don't like oranges?

Also, Buffalo is no big thing in my opinion, and also I love tilapia, hello fish tacos!

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