Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photographic Evidence of Exhibit A

This is what the stairs loook like now. Every time Lillian walks past, she tells me it's naughty to put paint on the stairs.


Allison said...

She's right.

Lu said...

I love dirtying every single bowl in the house. It makes me feel satisfied, as if I've accomplished something worthwhile. I have also taken to dirtying every utensil in the house--why use the same spoon twice (e.g. when cooking, or stirring things or whatever). Just pull out a clean one. It also gives you truly full loads of dishes in the dishwasher, no halfhearted attempts at full.

Lu said...

I also love posting comments to the wrong blog post--actually, no. I don't. It drives me crazy. But I did it accidentally and it's too late now.

What I MEANT to say about this post is that my husband and I found this story hilarious. Lilian is the coolest kid I know.

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