Monday, August 28, 2006


Like I said, we didn't get any pictures of Lillian in the beautiful dress Grandma Marti got for her. Mom did... or maybe I'll just put her back in it and take a picture.

Being burped by Grandpa Mark.

These are at the luncheon that we had after church. Here's the Hill family making a friend on the see-saw.

Tyler was unsure about the roller slide, but went down like a champ.

Tyler's sister Tonya and Lillian. Posted by Picasa


Alex said...

OMG You're a mom.

That's so awesome.

Call sometime!


Chad Calder said...

We're so sorry that we were not able to come. I'm sure you can understand, with two families, sometimes special occations tend to overlap. I heard it was nice and we look forward to holding Lillian soon.


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