Monday, August 28, 2006

Avila Beach

It was so great having everyone here for the weekend. I had a lot of fun, and I hope everyone else did as well. I wasn't very good at taking pictures, though. So, if you have any to share, especially the ones we took out in front of the church, let me know or email them to me!

Lillian and her cousin Nathan. During a rendition of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," she began to fuss leading Nathan to conclude that she doesn't like songs.

Out on the Avila Pier. I don't know if it was because of an influx of fish or what, but there were a million sea lions and pelicans out in the water. This also meant sharks, so the water was closed.

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Amanda said...

In that last picture, you can see a sea lion just under the water directly below the pelican.

Sanchez Family said...

We had a great time! Nathan is now convinced that you cannot sing to babies. They don't like it. The pelicans were amazing to watch in person. They dive down and it's the coolest thing to watch.

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