Saturday, August 05, 2006

Chris Farley Face

Tyler's brother Jason got us this kick and play thing. Tyler put her in it this morning. I think she was pretty engaged.

I tried to capture the double chin she's working on. This picture doesn't really do it justice; it is often present to such a degree that Tyler jokes she looks like Chris Farley when he makes his fat face. When she was four days old, the lactation consultant predicted that she was going to be a little butterball by the time she was a month old, and as she's almost nine pounds, I'd say she was right.

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Myriah said...

butterball... plump like a turkey

Bluebell said...

Almost 9 pounds at one month? My kids were both over 9 pounds at one week. One month=12 pounds, 2 months=15 pounds. Soren is six months now and he weighs a whopping 22 and a half pounds.

Bluebell said...

But she's not quite a month old yet, is she? She could catch up ;) How much did she weigh at birth? She is darling, by the way.

Amanda said...

As of today, she is three weeks old. She was 7 pounds, 7 ounces when she was born and 7 pounds even when we left the hospital. Maybe she'll gain three pounds in a week : )

Tara said...

The one in the mirror is so cool! Good job on the photography, very artistic.

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