Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tumamoc Hill

I used to hike a lot. I used to do an "easy" hike once a week. We decided to do an "easy" hike this past weekend.

There were many strong points to hiking Tumamoc "Hill." Number one: it was beautiful. Number two: it was close. It's in the city, right by A Mountain (which, for the uninitiated, is the name... so it's A, as opposed to B, and not just A, as in one of many). Number three: we saw a lot of wild life, including five deer which we failed to get a picture of.

The website which listed the hike labeled the terrain as 'fire road.' I figured that meant 'wide dirt road' like Madonna Mountain in SLO. Having just junked our jogger stroller, and not wanting to push the regular stroller on dirt, we decided to carry the kids. To her credit, Lillian walked for some, but not much.

For future reference, "fire road" in Arizona, means paved.

The biggest downside, it wasn't easy. OK, well, we did get lapped by the grandmother pushing a double stroller. But, the next day, both Tyler and I were hobbling around like old people. I kept saying, "I didn't used to be so out of shape. When did this happen? When did I become so doughy?" The number two negative is that the name Tumamoc Hill is a total misnomer. You'll notice in the video below a nearby hill. That hill is A Mountain. You'll also probably notice that it looks smaller than the hill we're on. I don't know who was in charge of naming these things, but they screwed it all up.

And, for your enjoyment, Lillian throwing rocks.


Myriah said...

So... does the A in A Mountain stand for Arizona? Perhaps the University of Arizona?

Allison said...

Tumamonc... is it pronounced Tu me manque? Like... I miss you?

Anne & Aaron said...

I really like the picture of all of you. You all look really good - especially Nora.

Emily said...

You are impressive for doing that with two kids at all. Plus-Norah is adorable and she is big! And I know big!

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