Monday, February 02, 2009

Grocery Store Fail

My green fingers.

So, we didn't know you were supposed to have 3-D glasses for the Super Bowl. (How were you supposed to know this? Did they tell us on TV? I guess we haven't been watching enough. They were giving them away at Safeway/Von's and Fry's/Kroger, but we shop at Albertson's, so we had no idea.) Anyway, you also need the glasses to watch Chuck tonight, which is one of our shows. I needed chicken bullion anyway, so I thought I'd go over to Fry's to see if I could score some. The bullion located, we headed over to a large Super Bowl display where they had leftover plates, napkins, football-shaped platters, etc, thinking that if they had them, they would be over there. No glasses. But, they did have leftover mini cakes for $1.50. I'm all about that, so I grabbed one. It was about the size of those gigantic muffins that you get at Costco and it was in a plastic 2 piece container that snapped together. Lillian saw it and wanted it right next to her on the seat. Fine. (My mom alarm should have gone off at this point, but it didn't.)

From the time it took me to walk from the display to the check out line, Lillian had opened the cake and dumped it out. Just then, Nora started to scream.

I was standing there trying to hurry with the wipes with a screaming baby while an elderly Asian woman silently looked on from two feet away.

I still needed the bullion, so I got in line. I asked the checker if they had any glasses left.

Checker: The Super Bowl was yesterday.
Me: I know, I was wondering if you had any glasses left over.
Checker: The Super Bowl was yesterday.
Me (Nora is still screaming): I know, but you... (I was going to say you need them to watch Chuck.)
Checker, loudly: It was yesterday, so no.

Ok, no glasses. I did end up buying the cake, but I threw it away right outside the store.

I got out into the parking lot and Nora was still upset. I was set upon by a boy of about 16 who was very dirty and asked if I had anything to eat.

Me as I'm loading screaming Nora into the car: No, I'm sorry, I only bought bullion.
Him: What?
Me: I didn't buy any food, only bullion.
Him: What?
Me: I only have bullion.
Him: What?
Me: Bullion. (At this point, I had loaded Lillian so I just got in the car and left to take solace in Grammar Girl explaining split verb forms.)


Myriah said...

I like Grammar Girl.

Also, how did you manage to find two male idiots one right after the other?

I'm sorry you missed Chuck in 3-D, and I'm sorry I didn't press my Grandma to wear the 3-D glasses yesterday. I should have. It would have been funny.

Bridget said...

I'm telling you, grocery store people are the WORST!

Elderly Asian Lady sounds like she could possibly make a future appearance in your life, and maybe even develop into an arch nemesis of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez! It's those days when you are the sweatiest!

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