Sunday, February 22, 2009

Douglas Falls

One thing I like about Tucson is that it hides itself pretty well. Yesterday, we went hiking in the Rincons. The mountains in the above picture are the Catalinas, which are relatively close to our house. If we had super binoculars, we might have been able to see our apartment. But, up there on that mountain, looking over the city, you can almost forget that you're looking at over 1,000,000 people.

The whole hike was a complete disaster. Nora started screaming that "RAAA RAA RAAA RAAA RAAA" cry that translates to "I'm ticked and nothing but a good feeding and a nice nap swaddled in my crib is going to fix it" and Lillian tripped and fell on some gravel. We started out the hike with Tyler wearing Nora and I was wearing the backpack with Lillian because the backpack was, it seems, designed for someone of my stature and the hip strap stops before Tyler's belly button. On our last hike, Tyler was very vocal about how it didn't fit and it was very uncomfortable and all the weight was on his shoulders and the only way he could take the pressure off was to bend over, as seen above. So this time, I volunteered to take Lillian. But, turns out, Nora does not like Tyler's rock hard abs, and Lillian is very heavy.

We turned back before we got to Douglas Falls (which I was pretty upset about because we only had 1.3 miles left. Tyler thinks it would be dried up anyway... he's always raining on my parade), and when we got home, Lillian took a nap. Upon waking, she had these red marks on her face. At first, I thought it was a pacifier mark. Then it got redder and spread a little to her eye.

These pictures don't show it very well, but her skin was splotchy around her mouth and up by her left eye.

My best guess, although I'm still not sure what it was all about, is she either 1) ate something she oughtn't have on the trail or 2) had a small allergic reaction to the peanut butter sandwich she worked on in the car but I didn't wipe off her face until we reached home, about 30 minutes later. She didn't complain of it hurting and when I asked if her face itched she replied "yes, no, yes, no... feet," so... I don't know what that means. She's had many peanut butter sandwiches before on the same bread with the same kind of peanut butter. Who knows? It was gone by the time she woke up this morning.

Oh, and because I know I have legions of fans out there who are irritated that they can't get an RSS feed for this blog because it's private, good news: I made it public again. Follow away!


thejerry said...

I was wondering why it showed up in my RSS feed again. I'll read it either way, but this is easier.

I got a good laugh out of the "yes, no... feet" response. Health care is much different than science. I mean, how do you determine anything with so many variables?

heidi nielsen said...

Oh, and here I was thinking you added me without me even asking...But, I really knew better since we hardly know eachother. Thanks for helping me keep updated with Tyler and family.

Myriah said...

Good! I was upset about the RSS feed thing.

And also, rock hard abs, huh?

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