Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Day

When we first got here to Tucson, we'd ask people questions like directions to someplace, where to get a good pizza, or what do does one do for fun here. Whoever we asked would say, 'oh you must be new. Where did you move from?' We'd say we moved from the central coast of California and without fail, the person would scrunch up their face and say, 'why did you leave? and why would you come here?' I got the overwhelming sense that everyone who lived here was looking for a way to leave. Maybe because I knew we were here for the long haul, five years at least, I tried to like Tucson. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought I was doing a pretty good job. Then my friend Myriah posted about my favorite place in the world, Montana de Oro. I realized that I miss SLO so much and Tucson stinks.

I decided to renew my efforts. I thought and thought about what, exactly I liked about SLO. I made a mental list and I discovered I liked it because it had things that no other place had. Surely Tucson has things that no other place has. Maybe I would like Tucson more if I formed more associations with things that belong to just here.

Thus, we decided to visit Mt. Lemmon and play in the snow.

At first, Lillian was into it. The snow was cold, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Good times were had sliding down the hills.

Then we decided to go for a little walk.

We found this snow cave someone had built. Here's Lillian and Tyler contemplating whether or not to go in. Lillian decided against it.

We set her in front of it to take a picture and she FREAKED out. Maybe she thought we were going to push her inside.

That was the beginning of the end of our outing.

I stopped to take some pictures of these icicles and that stop was 20 seconds longer than she wanted to stay. All of a sudden, the snow was too cold, too snowy, too outside, and too not accompanied by Toy Stories as she calls it.

Here's the meltdown in action. Total time spent in the snow: 20 minutes. Total time to drive one way: 1.5 hours.

I look awful in this picture. Really horrible; I'm not sure why I'm posting it. Oh well.


Bridget said...

Awesome pictures. I love the unflattering ones of both you and Lillian.

Bridget said...

And I can say "unflattering" without fear of offending you because I've seen you in real life recently and I know you look awesome.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! What a melt down! Don't you love how sometimes all the effort on your part means nothing?

Cheryl said...

Yeah...the snow takes some time to get into. You are good parents for trying really. I mean one day you'll be able to tell her you drove her 3 hrs (round trip) just so she could play in the snow!

Jenna said...

Hey, thanks for adding us. Just wanted to say, I totally understand what you mean about trying to like where you are but secretly (or not so secretly) missing SLO. I have those moments quite a lot up here in North Bay. I think I like it here okay, and then I have some memory about Avila that suprise-attacks me, and proceed to be terribly SLO-sick for the rest of the day. People here say, "Oh, well at least SLO and Marin are pretty similar." They, apparently, are on some sort of euphoric drug, as I very much disagree.

Here's hoping you find some lovely things about Tucson!

Myriah said...

It was 87 degrees in SLO today. This was a new record for January. You know of course that it doesn't hardly get to 87 in the summer, so it was a bit crazy today.

So a trip to Phoenix is being discussed for sometime in March. You guys should come up, I'll meet Nora, we can play Ticket to Ride Teams, and Lillian can cry and scream and Mom will watch after her.

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