Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Root Beer Floats

Tyler's root beer float and my root beer float.

That mug is bigger than his head.


Myriah said...

What? How did this all come about?

Amanda said...

Tyler brought the liter-sized mug back from Germany where they actually use mugs that size to drink beer. The smaller mug is just a regular boring American-sized mug which people at Tyler's work use to drink beer on Fridays. Tyler doesn't use it for this as they provide Henry Weinharts root beer for him, which is why it's at home, and not at work. I sent Tyler to the store to buy normal things like bread and milk and he came back with bread and milk and root beer float things.

Myriah said...

When did Tyler go to Germany?

And every time you send Tyler to the store you aren't sure what you are gonna get. It's like a grab bag with him. What's with that?

allison.plummer said...

When I send Brian to the store he brings back $165 worth of snacks. I'm not kidding. They were nice snacks, but I said, "Is there anything here we could eat for dinner?" Crackers and artichoke dip maybe?

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