Thursday, January 22, 2009

Potty Training, My Little Stinker

Lillian often likes to 'eat' food out of books. Just recently, she started feeding it to us. Then, she started feeding Tyler non-food items, like bees and eyeglasses.

The real adventure this morning has been my feeble attempt at potty training. It went something like this:

(note: Throughout this ordeal, I was giving her juice and water almost constantly.)

8:00- attempt #1 to sit on the potty. Successful, chocolate chip reward given.

8:15 - Lillian requests to wear big-girl panties. Request granted.

8:20 - Lillian has an accident. We have a talk about accidents and I make her sit on the potty. Attempt #2 successful as well. Chocolate chip reward given. Second request for big girl panties. Request granted.

8:35 - Attempt #3, unsuccessful. No chocolate chip.

8:40 - Accident #2. Second talk about accidents. Attempt #4 to sit on potty, unsuccessful. Switch to training pants with vinyl cover.

8:50 - Attempt #5, successful. Chocolate chip.

8:52 - Accident #3. More talks. Attempt #6, unsuccessful.

9:10 - Attempt #7, successful. CC.

9:12 - Accident #4. Mom gives up.


Claire said...

what a great laugh.

Carrie said...

Dude, the kid just went to the bathroom 8 times in 72 minutes!

Myriah said...

Chocolate chip, or chocolate chip cookie?

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