Monday, January 05, 2009


Christmas was a wonderful affair. We got many great gifts and got to spend some great time together as a family. Lillian got this purse and glasses from Anne. They are a hit.

Tyler got a new-ish pistol from his dad who said 500 times that I should learn how to shoot it too. I don't want to learn how to shoot it. I know how to shoot the shotgun, isn't that enough? I had the following conversation with my dad over the phone about the gun:

Me: So, Tyler got a pistol for Christmas from his parents.
Dad: Oh, I hate those things.
Me: Me too.
Dad: Yeah, they're awful. You know, they're trying to outlaw them in Southern California.
Me: Really? That seems drastic.
Dad: Well, they're trying anyway. What kind is it?
Me: (Consults with Tyler) A Smith and Wesson
Dad: What?
Me: Smith and Wesson
Dad: A Smith and Wesson pitbull?
Me: Pitbull? No, a pistol.
Dad: Oh, well. You should have a pistol in the house.

Disclaimer: My dad just couldn't hear well over the phone. The preceding is in no way a comment on his ability to understand. Comic mayhem simply followed from a bad cell phone connection.


Anne & Aaron said...

WOOOHOO!! I'm so happy Lillian liked her present! That is funny about dad, I was reading it thinking "wait a minute, dad is into guns" then I got to the end and it all made sense. LOL.

Anne & Aaron said...

PS. You should learn how to shoot it.

Anne & Aaron said...

PPS. Make sure Lillian doesn't choke on the beads on the purse. It is above her age limit.

Myriah said...

Oh man, that was funny.

It reminded me of someone...

allison.plummer said...

I was also thinking that dad was having a moment. Did he suddenly forget all of the handguns in his own house? For the record, I know how to shoot the gun, just not load it and unload it, which just might be MORE important.

Cheryl said...

seriously, I laughed out loud, read it aloud to Ryan and laughed out loud again. thanks for sharing

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