Friday, August 01, 2008

So much worse

Regardless of the fact that my legs still didn't photograph well, I wanted to get across how much worse my bites look (and feel). They itch so bad!!! Last night, I took a colloid oatmeal bath and have been alternating calamine lotion and betamethasone (which is like prescription cortisone-10).

Does anyone have any other ideas as to how to get the itch out?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'd say either chiggers or ants.. But ants you would probably see. Chiggers are so small you would probably never see them and they make the terrible red welts, much like hives, a couple days later. They itch dreadfully for a couple of days then begins itching a little less each day over the next week. I recommend a topcial and oral histamine, such as benydryl, to control the itch.

Henderson Happenings said...

my guess is that it was "no see ems." unlike other bugs its hard to tell when you are being bitten. but your tx the bites like mosquito bites. this is probably the order of things that i would try.

1. benydryl (or claritin) and topical cortisone.
2. ice packs and rubs the bites with a fresh lime
3. rubbing alcohol to dry those puppies out
3. amputation

Myriah said...

You are just going to have to chop your legs off.

Sorry 'bout that.

Rileigh, Ben and a Bug said...

Speaking of your sleeping habits, I remember the time when you were asleep at I think it was on Jason Lee's (non-Earl-actor)couch when I came to visit you in SLO. It was very late and time to go, I tried so gently to rouse you from your slumber and was met with wild kicking and gnashing of teeth. I think I was even thrown across the room a bit. Then you turned over ever so lovingly and said, "Oh.. Hi Rileigh; how are you"?

Sorry about your bites. That sucks

Vivian said...

i looked this up on WebMD and i think you have scarlet fever.

Anonymous said...

I had hives for 6 weeks all over my body. I feel your pain.

krissiecook said...

I agree, amputation is the only solution.

Liz said...

I guess it's time to come back to California

heidi nielsen said...

Are you sure you didn't just get bit once and have an allergic reactions? That's a lot of stinkin bites!

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