Saturday, August 09, 2008

Reid Park Zoo

This zoo is pretty small, but it's pretty cool. We got there just in time to be able to feed the giraffes. Tyler tried to make Lillian do it, but she freaked out and threw her giraffe treat on the ground. You can tell she loved every minute of the experience.

There's a polar bear in the background. This was easily Lillian's favorite exhibits. It had everything you could want: water, a waterfall, a polar bear, and at least 30 feet and double-plated Plexiglas between her and the animals.

That's Tyler's head in the corner. The tiger paced back and forth in front of this window maybe 10 times. And then it peed on us. Well, it peed on the window, but the intent was there. Below is a video of Pip, the vulture. As the handler explained to us, they were working with Pip to try to teach him to fly from person to person, but as Tucson is very hot, they didn't want to dehydrate the poor thing. So, as vultures do quite a bit of hopping around on the ground in the wild, they thought they'd try teaching him to hop over a stick. It worked out so well... they couldn't stop themselves.


Myriah said...

What kind of big fancy zoos are you used to?

You've got polar bears and giraffes and a vulture comedy hour? What more could you want?!

Allison said...

Giraffes have big, long, ugly tongues. No wonder Lillian was afraid to feed it. What kind of parents are you?

The hillz r alive said...

hey guys we got a new blog!! If you want 2 check it out it's Talk to you soon. -The Hills
p.s. love the blog :)

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