Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Drowning in boredom

I don't know why my friend-making efforts have all crashed and burned. I mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with me? I've tried talking to people at church, in the complex, and I even failed at trying to join the local mom's club. I was complaining to my friend Candie (on the phone) how I feel like I'm running a failing restaurant and I can't seem to make people come eat no matter how much I advertise how fabulous the parmesan chicken is. She suggested I should have a slogan like "Amanda... she's funny." That was just her first try, I'm sure we could come up with something punchier. (Myriah, I'm looking in your direction)

I was ready to lose my mind what with being Lillian's sole entertainment and all, so I called mom who's always got good ideas on how to keep two-year-old hands busy.

Tyler told me this morning that he was out of shaving cream. I pretended I didn't know anything about it.

By the way, my legs are still so itchy I don't even want to talk about it. Plus, yesterday, I got five new bites on my ankles and some on my arms. Where are these bugs coming from?


Myriah said...

I'm pretty sure the bugs are coming from Hell, which apparently is near where you live.

After discussing this with Claire, we feel that perhaps your new slogan should be, "Amanda: Healthy, Exotic, and Delicious."

Or, you could go, "Amanda is...Healthy! Exotic! Delicious!"

So while we wait for that to catch on, in the mean time, I guess you'll just have to appreciate that 8 year old a little more. What was his name, anyway? Alex? Abdul?

Henderson Happenings said...

more? crap! tyler and lillian don't have any bites? hmm.... now i'm thinking contact dermatitis/hives. did you return to the park? any new medications, lotion, sunscreen? are they fulid filled? have you gotten a benedryl injection yet? r the older ones going away?

Vivian said...

I think its funny that you mention that you don't have many friends and that you are covered in red spots in the same post. Do you think there may be a connection there?

My suggestion is "Amanda- she's not contagious!"

Allison said...

I'm with Vivian.

Claire said...

Sticking with the restaurant theme, I think you should get some of your friends to write newspaper reviews of how much they enjoyed their time with you (maybe list some of their favorite Amanda stories), and you can make photocopies, highlight the good parts, frame them, and hang them on your walls, windows, maybe tape some up in your car. Also, if you have pictures of you hanging out with famous people, I think that could work.

Anonymous said...

try this for slogans! sooo addictive

The Duke said...

Try this:

Amanda--repentant but learning.

Rileigh Anne said...

I say give it sometime, People in Arizona are not as "laid back" as us California folk. They probably need some time to adjust. On a side note, have you tried eating more garlic? not to attract the people of Arizona but to shew away the mosquitoes. Just chew more gum at the same time. Also check out this website.

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