Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things I did and didn't expect

Things I expected about Tucson, which are true:
  • It's hot. This past week, the high has been over 100 or about there every day. While it's true that doesn't quite feel 102 degrees because it's "a dry heat," it just means it feels like 95 degrees.
  • It's very spread out. "Sprawling" is the word they use around here. This is very different than San Luis where I walked everywhere I wanted to go. Here, everything is 10 miles away and I've driven more in the past two weeks than I have in the past two months.
  • Gas is cheap. Without all the California taxes, gas is about a dollar or so less per gallon than I'm used to paying.
Things I didn't expect:
  • The surprising number of people who could be nominated for TLC's "What Not to Wear." Now, I've never really considered myself all that fashion forward, and I've never really been one to care all that much about what people wear, but, I have seen more people in sweatpants and oversized shirts at the grocery store than I care to count. We took Lillian to the library this morning where a lady from the zoo brought some animals and a woman was there in boxer shorts. Really? Boxer shorts? (I didn't stare too much because the boxer shorts outfit may or may not have been the only outfit she owned. However, I wouldn't have been surprised it she owned many like outfits and wore them all the time.)
  • Various unexpected sequelae resulting from living in "a red state." People who lived here told us the state was very conservative. I assumed that meant that people here didn't want the government to fluoridate their water. What they actually meant, I assume, was that it is almost requisite that one gets a prominent tattoo, smoke, and not recycle. In my apartment complex, I can't even choose not to recycle... they just don't have the service.
  • Not to be too harsh on the Tucsonians, I'll mention the spectacular sunsets they have here. I mean, I knew that desert sunsets were famously beautiful, but night after night, they are simply breathtaking.


Myriah said...

So, what... are you going to get a tattoo of a sunset?

heidi nielsen said...

Wait, you're saying the people where you lived in California didn't have tattoos, didn't smoke, and recycled? I'm moving to that neighborhood! Austin loves to pick up cigarettes he finds on the sidewalk and stick them him in his mouth. It's REALLY disgusting. Thank you to all of our neighbors who have showed him what to do with a cigarette. I guess you'll have to do the old fashioned recycling--take it to a recycling center and actually get your money back for all those cans and bottles =).

Henderson Happenings said...

you described my vegas experience exactly. you are never underdressed, the words "dry heat" seem to comfort everyone, and people don't recycle.

Anonymous said...

Oh Amanda- that's just funny. Don't worry. We will only buy you clothes for Christmas and I will demand you wear them!

Sara Adams said...

My name is Sara Adams, living her in Tucson. I was really good friends with Rachael Bishop before they moved to Boston, and she mentioned that you had moved here, and had some muchkins of your own. We are doing play groups/activities around town if you are interested in joining us. You can take a look at my blog, or email me at

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