Saturday, July 12, 2008


We're here in Arizona! I'll upload pictures as I find the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Our townhouse is really nice and almost twice the size of our apartment in San Luis Obispo. We got in yesterday and since then have been putting away and organizing. After working all day today, it's just now starting to resemble something livable.

It's monsoon season here, so it hasn't been too hot. Today, it topped out at 95 with 50% humidity. The storm is supposed to pass and it will be back up in the 100s by mid-week. Our apartment has air conditioning and there are three pools in the complex, so we'll do our best to keep cool.

The move has been hard on Lillian. First, the transition to staying at Grandma Marti's house without Tyler (who stayed in San Luis Obispo to finish up his thesis work). After being there almost two weeks, she was really beginning to get used to the place, especially with so many cousins to play with. Then we come here, and she freaked out all over again. "Freaked out" is not really an overstatement: there were many tears, much screaming, and many "hold you" requests.

As the dust is settling, we found our new ward and Tyler mapped out his route to work on Monday. So far it has been an adventure.


A.Calder said...

One wheres the fife and Two give me the fife. The AC works in the truck..? maybe it was a fluke . But find me the title por favor so i can get it insured.

The Duke said...

I heard that the dust never settles in AZ. Congratulations!

Steph said...

isn't moving fun? our stuff has yet to arrive. I'm sleeping on an air mattress with our pup in her kennel in the corner.

At least we have AC right?

Anne & Aaron said...

whats your addresssssssss

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