Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inside Lillian's Mind

Apparently, Lillian was writing in a journal every day at school.  When she brought it home she was so super excited to show it to me and I really appreciate being able to peer inside her mind and see what things made an impression.

"My Littl boy or grl will! not come out intl it July 6 teeth [16th] and I will be 7! yer's old and my mom! keep's throing up to day! my mom cudint find. her tag for wrk!"

I would say 75% of the entries have something to do with the fact that we are going to have a baby and/or that I throw up all the time.  I guess she's really excited.  My due date is July 15th, the day before Lillian's birthday.  Also memorable to Lillian was when I accused her of losing my work badge.  It's not just my name tag, but I use it to get into the parking structure, clock in and out, and buy food in the cafeteria, so it's really inconvenient to not have it.  That's me making a frowny face and yelling at her for losing it.

"My sister can't breath. I Don't know how its happing my sister is 4 yeers old we try to Pat her to sleep but she dus not go to sleet She Just wont go to sleep."
Nora had croup for several days and had trouble sleeping. The girls share a room, so I guess this made it difficult for Lillian to sleep as well.  I did not attempt to pat Nora to sleep, so I'm going to assume the "we" here is Lillian using the Royal We and meaning that she tried to pat Nora to sleep, which is sweet.

"I dont know how my sister can breev but my sister is still aliv She is feeling better."  "My Dad is sik but he still gos to work I dont know how its happing do you know how its happing it is to hard for me to stop him I dont know how he is doing it."
 This is during the week from hell where everyone was really sick except me, and then Tyler left for a business trip.  This page is a little heartbreaking to see Lillian so confused about how everyone could be so sick and knowing that her daddy was too sick to leave and wanting him to stay home but feeling helpless and not being able to stop him from leaving.  But, as you can see, Nora is still alive, so we made it out OK.

"My mom is having a girl my Brother is going to have a sister! On my Brth Day Jly 16 When I turn 7" "My mom is haveing a baby gril I named it mims is it a silly name. Do you think it is funny. Yes or no."

We watched Willow with the kids and they were all about naming the baby Mims for a while.

"My tooth is geting loser and loser! I have two lose teeth and my Brother liks the door on all the way open and the..."
 Ethan decided about this time that he was afraid of the dark and started demanding to sleep with the door all the way open and the lights on.

I included this page mostly so you could really see the contrast between Lillian's handwriting toward the end of the year (above) and what she was doing at the beginning of the year (below).

I lost two teeth its Whan my Dad Pld it. out I did not like it. I crid a lot it hrdid [hurted]. When he Pld it out. of my gums."
It's just a coincidence that both of these entries are about her teeth.  Why is her handwriting getting so bad?  When we do homework, I sit next to her with an eraser and pretty much erase every single word she writes and make her write it again and again until it's neat enough.  I keep waiting for her to catch on to the fact that if she just wrote it neatly the first time, it would take 1/2 the time to do her work.

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Anne said...

I really like these stories. I feel like I would read the whole diary.

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