Friday, November 02, 2012

Oahu- Day 4

 Pearl Harbor

 An anchor salvaged from the Arizona

 Also docked in the harbor is the submarine Bowfin.

 The "hot bunks," which sound awful: they only had enough space for beds for 1/3 of the crew, so to go to bed, you woke someone up and then got in bed after them.  I would only agree if I could have my own pillow.  (Actually, I wouldn't agree.  I have been known to sleep on the couch instead of sleep where Tyler has warmed up the bed too much.)

We hiked up Diamond Head Crater. 

Waikiki in the background 

Then we headed over to Lanikai Beach in Kailua.  It was beautiful and warm.  The ocean was clear blue and the sand was fluffy white. 

 This one is for Anne.  We took this shot just for her.

 We tossed the frisbee back and forth and lounged around for hours.  We frolicked in the ocean and contemplated renting a kayak to go out to that island, but didn't.

We took this bad picture of me right before we left and realized that our rental car was broken into and our wallets and clothes were stolen.  This is what we wore to the Kailua police station to file our police report... also, we were badly sunburned because we thought that maybe the spray sunscreen in Hawaii is different and will provide adequate protection, even though it never has in the past and I have always gotten burned.  

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