Monday, April 05, 2010

Sticking it to the man

Really, I don't have many hobbies. I'm not that crafty and I'm am living proof that not all Mormon women like scrap booking. But, one of the things I do like to do is find ways to stick it to the man.

My MIL taught me how to make my own spreadable butter. She's been doing this for years and the butter industry totally copied her and they now sell this stuff for like $3.50 for a little tub. She should have patented it.

What you do is mix equal parts just-softened butter with canola oil. To fill a little tub like this, I use a cup of butter and a cup of oil. It's pretty liquidy when you mix it, but it sets up in the fridge. Soft even when cold. She uses unsalted butter and adds in her own salt. I just use salted butter and save myself the trouble.

Another way I stick it to the man is my obsession with patching and mending. When we were in school and Tyler rode his bike all over San Luis Obispo, his inseams wore out really fast. I must have sewed up each pair of pants at least 4 or 5 times and added a patch or two before he would buy new ones. His favorite pajama pants are getting to be quite comical. I tried to buy new ones, but The Perfect Pair is hard to find: somehow, the garment industry doesn't think that tall, skinny people want loungewear for their bottom halfs.

This pad got a rip in it the last time I ran it through the wash, and then with us sitting on it, it got a little frayed. Now, it's the lucky chair.


Rileigh said...

of all the ways to stick it to the man...

Amanda said...

Rileigh, I never said they were exciting ways to stick it to the man.

Arya said...

I don't know Amanda, you sound like a regular Molly Mormon, making your own butter and all.
BTW, how do you know Ryan Hess? I grew up in the same ward as him in Smoot, Wyo. Small world!

Emily said...

This post made me laugh-maybe if I viewed doing things like making my own butter "sticking it to the man" I would be way, way more willing to do them. I have similar (if not the same) chair cushions and mine got torn in the wash too-darn cheap things!

Tyler Ball said...

"stick"ing it to the man one stick of butter at a time (or several sticks in our case)

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