Monday, April 05, 2010

International Waffle Day

International Waffle Day was on March 25th. It's mostly a Swedish holiday, Våffeldagen, that signals the start of spring. We celebrate it because 1. I'm always trying to get in touch with our Swedish roots, and 2. Waffles = easy dinner.

I told Tyler they should start celebrating Våffeldagen at his work. They could have a waffle bar where you could put all sorts of fruit or whipped cream and chocolate chips on your waffles. And then we could just happen to show up around lunch time on that day.


Rebecca said...

I love Lillian's shirt..."Never Crabby". Somehow, I'm imagining that to be untrue, given that she is 3 and maybe other things you have posted.

Carrie G said...

wow. to think that pi day is followed shortly by waffle day. march is the best month ever.

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