Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, we have done SOME things.

Back in September, we decided how we were going to do up the backyard. That was pretty much all we did about that. Then we got this dog. If it were up to me, the dog would be a 99.9% outside dog. I realize that we do have some extreme temperatures here where we'd have to let her inside, like the 6 months where it's so hot, you want to take off your skin and soak your bones in a bucket of ice water. But, it's a short haired dog... right? This prejudice is probably because my dogs growing up were 99.999% outside and the concept of an inside dog is completely bizarre to me. But, I think Tyler likes the dog to lay at his feet while he watches Dead Like Me (by himself because I'm sleeping). This means that we let her in. Which means she jumps on the counter. And pees on the carpet (although, not anymore). And steals the kids snacks. And jumps on the couch. I have thought about shooting the dog with our shotgun, but I don't know where the shells are. I would use the .57 magnum, but because of my irrational fear of pistols, I don't know how to use it and I'd probably end up killing myself or one of my small charges that I actually like, which would look bad.

Canineicide aside, the dog brings in a lot of dirt into the house during these jumping, stealing, peeing ventures. Dirt from our backyard, that is still dirt.

This dirt grossness was the catalyst for us actually getting in the car and going to the landscaping place to look at pavers. Tyler decided on this pattern, and I think we're going to go with this color which is actually kind of a gray-purple, if you can't tell from the pictures..

I realize that we're still not all that much closer to being done, but it's one small step towards finishing, one giant leap towards getting started. I think the next step is renting a jackhammer to dig up our hard-as-rock dirt. So... that will be fun, not that I'll get to use it. Dumb pregnancy; it ruins all my fun.

Also, this is how Lillian spent all of dinner last night. We had ravioli. She likes ravioli. Usually.


Amanda said...

Also, I'm probably not supposed to shoot a shotgun while pregnant. That just seems like one of the things that they'd tell you not to do.

Myriah said...

I like ravioli. I also like your yellow chairs. Maybe Lillian just wanted to get a better look at them.

Anne said...

I think its sad when dogs are left outside. Growing up has scarred me. I would never have an outside dog.

Allison said...

1. Dogs LIKE being outside if the weather is nice. They just want someone to play with them.
2. Is Lillian sick? Her cheeks are so flushed.

Patrick said...

Didn't I always tease you guys keeping your shots in the baby's room? Well there you go!

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