Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A few thoughts about some things

I've been thinking about coffee and/or tea. Being a life-long Mormon, I've only had coffee once in my life: I was in high school and we were sitting around a coffee shop that also sold smoothies and I reached down to grab my smoothie but accidentally got my friend's iced coffee-mocha-frappeƩ-chino-whatever that was in the same sized cup and took a sip. Eww. And until recently, I've never felt the loss of coffee: all through school, I never had trouble waking up early to study or felt the need to give up my precious precious sleep in order to study late at night (I'll just get a B on this test). So, there was a neighborhood block party a few weeks ago, and Lillian made friends with a little girl about her age. I started chatting with her mom, and she gave me her phone number. I haven't called because I have no idea what to do with her if she comes over to my house. On TV, this situation came up and the first mom said, "Why don't you come over tomorrow around 10 and have a cup of coffee?" Coffee! That social lubricant. It's perfect because it's something to do that doesn't take any planning or energy, and the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee is about as long as I want that first visit to be. In Jane Austen books, women are always coming over, drinking a cup of tea, and then leaving. This, obviously, isn't an option for me, (and not just because I don't live in Austen-era England, but because Mormons don't drink coffee or tea) but I can't come up with a good substitute. Hot chocolate seems sort of juvenile, although I wouldn't mind if someone offered me some. Chocolate milk in a frosty mug would also be delicious, but again, that seems not very grown up, and it's winter.

Any ideas?

I probably won't call for a while because we've had a rash of sickness at our house. Lillian woke me up early Sunday morning and had vomit all over her and in her bed. Gross. She threw up a few more times on Sunday, but then felt fine. Tyler stayed home with the kids from church. I was really looking forward to being able to listen to the speakers without having to play the fishing game and sing the hymns without my hymnal being snatched away to be used as a ramp for the micro-machines. I liked it for about 10 minutes... and then it was actually really boring. I kept looking around for something to do. I tried to entice the little boy behind me to come into my pew and share my strawberry newtons with me, but I guess his mom told him not to take food from strange women. Maybe I'm not that pious.

Then on Monday, I threw up, which is not news: I throw up all the time. But, I wasn't hungry, and that is not normal. With my morning sickness, I am starving and I eat and eat, and throw up, and then my body sends me signals that I must replace the food we just gave up so eat Eat EAT! I couldn't make myself eat hardly anything yesterday and I threw up and threw up some more, so I decided I probably had whatever Lillian had.

I'm so sick of being sick.

I woke up this morning and I felt marginally better, but I cracked while I was trying to get Lillian ready for preschool. Background: Lillian doesn't like bananas. It's not just that she doesn't like to eat them, she can't even been the same room as someone who is eating one, or where someone ate a banana an hour ago. Also, although we empty the dishwasher together almost every day, she's convinced that the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty, and the ones in the cupboard are clean; almost like, it's not the dishwasher that cleans them, it's the act of putting them in the cupboard. So, this morning. It was a fight to get her to go to the bathroom and get dressed (because she wanted to keep watching cartoons), then I was trying to get her to sit up to the table and eat a bowl of Kix. First, she didn't want to walk through the kitchen because Nora was eating a banana. She plugged her nose very dramatically and screamed that it smelled like "b-wana" and indicated that she was NOT going to go in there. After I got her sitting, I went to pull a bowl out of the (clean) dishwasher and she freaked out saying it was dirty. She sprung out of her chair and threw herself bodily against the dishwasher door to prevent me from extricating my hand with the offending bowl. I called my mom in tears and told her I was having a hard time. She was very supportive, even if she did laugh a little at Lillian's antics, and made the point that the fight is worth it because then she'll go to preschool and I can take a breather.

It was a good point, but turned out was incorrect because when we showed up, the woman doing preschool this week said she'd heard I was sick and was sorry, and then politely asked me to keep Lillian home.

So, Lillian is watching Hercules for the 5,000th time.

She's named all the muses except that one second from the left. I can't think of a good name for her. And, does it bother anyone else how they call the things Zeus throws "thunder bolts"? That doesn't even make any sense. They are lightning bolts, Disney. If you're going to botch up the whole of Greek mythology, maybe you could at least get one thing right.


Bridget said...

I really liked this post, except for the throw-up parts.

I'm an introvert anyway and I get nervous even when having actual, real, good friends over. So the coffee/tea barrier is almost too much for me to overcome. In the Middle East when this most often came up, I just served herbal tea. Nobody minded. There are lots of neat kinds of herbal tea these days.

Feel better soon!

Megan said...

Smoothies. Especially on a hot day. I like just throwing fresh fruit, juice, and ice in a blender, but you can get fancy with milk, yogurt, frozen fruit, sugar, vanilla, coconut, etc. I find apple juice (or a flavored apple juice) to be a good base.

Or you can go out to Jamba Juice or somewhere else.

You could also go out for ice cream. Just a quick fun outing.

Marti said...

How about some oven fresh (Pillsbury) cinnamon rolls and milk. I know I'd like it if someone invited me over for that. Maybe zucchini or banana bread. I think you should ask her over as soon as you feel better.

krissiecook said...

Well, at least you can play the prego card for the coffee right now. In the meantime, come up with your favorite kind of herb tea and insist that it's just the most marvelous thing you ever drank and no one should live without it. And offer to bring some with you.

Shawna said...

We love adding stuff to make our hot chocolate fancier. Flavored coffee-mate (the kind in the refrigerated section) works great. Though I'm still not sure how that conversation would go on the phone... "Hi, wanna come over for some fancied up hot chocolate?" Maybe not the grown-up solution you're looking for, sorry!

I do agree with all the above suggestions though :).

Myriah said...

I don't think Lillian is the ideal roommate. And I can't believe you are doing all of this and you are dealing with a new dog.

Also, I'm all about herbal teas. I keep two kinds at work, and about five at home.

Oh, and not everyone likes coffee. Just because it's a well known and accepted beverage doesn't mean everyone enjoys it. Maybe this mother is sick of coffee and just wants someone to offer her a nice cup of hot chocolate. That person could be YOU, Amanda!

Carrie G said...

I would not be afraid of hot chocolate. If she's too snooty to enjoy hot chocolate (c'mon, everyone likes hot chocolate) then you should find out right up front. Ditto for chocolate milk in a frosty glass.

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