Monday, January 04, 2010

Questions and answer

Here's a list of questions people have been asking recently:
  • Why do you sleep so much and/or go to bed at 8:30?
  • Why do you throw up all the time?
  • Why do you never leave your house?
  • Why do you stay in your pajamas until three?
  • Why are you getting so fat?
  • Why do you eat so much and/or do you really think the number of egg-in-the-holes you eat is healthy?
The answer is expected July 18th. Stay tuned.

PS: no one has really asked me any of these questions, except maybe Tyler has complained about the going to bed early thing.


Rileigh said...

Yahoo! Come on baby boy! My vote for a name is Rocket! appropriate yes?

Emily said...

I kind of asked number 2. Yay! Congratulations, I'm really happy for you (but feel bad that you are so sick).

krissiecook said...

Good work! And, by the way, people have been asking me those questions for years, pregnant or not. The snappishness of my response to their questioning is the real indicator of my gestating or lack thereof.

Rebecca said...

I knew it! No, not really. I just wanted to say that.

Rebecca said...

And congrats!

Myriah said...

Yeah! Rocket! I like it!

Bridget said...

Woohoo! You are brave.

Macon Family said...

Congrats, hope you feel better soon!

Shawna said...

Yay, more babies! Hope you're through the first trimester quickly. Good luck!

Carrie G said...

Rocket is a good name, but I'm not so sure about Rocket Ball.
Leaving your house is overrated.

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