Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dad may kill me

Last night, I watched a documentary called "Why We Fight." I cried almost all night. I didn't know what I could do to help. All I could think of was to write this letter:

April 10, 2008
George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President,
I am a person of no consequence. I have no connections and no real means. All I have is my voice and my vote. I am writing to tell you that I am deeply saddened by what you have done to my country. My America is not a country of lies or half-truths. My America is not a country of bullies or a country of economic imperialism. You have taken my America and made it into these things, and it makes me sad.
It makes me sad to think of mothers around the world who will never hold their children again because of this war that you insist if for my good and my safety. This war, based on lies and deceit is making widows, taking fathers and brothers, and killing children. Even our own soldiers know their life is a lie as evidenced by the unprecedented rise in suicide and depression among the troops.
I had just graduated high school and was preparing to go to college in September of 2001. I had no idea who or what could do something like that to our country. I watched the news and tried to unravel the mystery of what was happening, all to no avail. I could not straighten it out. I realize now that that was the idea all along: you wanted to keep the American public in the dark so we did not see what you were doing. But, I see it now.
I am glad that you are leaving office. I did not vote for you. I pray that whoever will replace you will be able to fix the mess you are leaving. I fear the damage may be irreparable. I fear for this country you have created. I never feared for America, but this is no longer my America.
Sincerely yours,

Amanda Ball


Myriah said...

I really want to read all of your letter, but i don't feel like crying right now.

I'll read it when i am less emotionally vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

I have two brothers fighting for your America, someone has to do it for it to be your America. It is so easy to judge and critisize when you are not the one having to keep Americans safe...America is still by far the best country. What would you do to make it more safe?!!
Though I disagree thanks for sharing and being honest.

Anonymous said...

So did that movie that you watch contain any half-truths? I think the best place to go for real truth is on our knees. Though I also disagree with the way that many things have been dealt with, I'm not going to surrender my power of influence for change to one man. If you dislike President Bush so much, don't give him so much credit. If it is truly our America, don't you think we are ALL responsible for keeping it that way?

The Duke said...

I appreciate and respect your candor in your post. But I've also found that people presenting the whole truth are scarce in Washington. I have two comments.

1) I think that it is extraordinarily popular to blame the president for starting the war, when 77 US senators (including Dianne Feinstein) who had the same access to intelligence voted to authorize the Iraq war. They believed what the intelligence community was telling them same as the president.
2) You have to remember that this was following 9/11 and many people were pointing fingers at the government for NOT listening closely enough to the intelligence communities. Many of those people have now done 180 and are again retrospectively blaming W for listening to the intelligence community. People want it both ways, retrospectively.

I am of the mindset: "Well this IS a mess. But for now, the Iraqis are asking us to protect them."

The Duke said...


I still wonder what you think about this. Do you think that the president is all to blame? Your post makes it seem so. Do you think that the political machine is to blame? I don't know what the answer is to the dilemma faced by our government of 2002. Do you have any solutions? I read an article today and thought of you and this post. It's in the Washington Post.
I'm replying to this post because I don't have your email address and I figured no one would read this but you anyhow. I would like to know what you feel should be done when the government is again faced with such a decision. (it's fine if you don't have an answer as there may not be one.)

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