Monday, April 07, 2008


In AP history, my teacher told me that Paul Revere didn't make his historic Midnight Ride and that he was passed out drunk at the time. After visiting Paul Revere's house, his grave, and Lexington and Concord (the place he rode to) I'm pretty sure that Mr. Sink's version of history is false.

Below is a picture of Lillian riding the Donkey, the symbol of the Democrats because, according to our tour guide, "Massachusetts is very democratic, even the Rebublicans are Democrats."

My favorite part of Boston was seeing the U.S.S. Constitution, "Old Ironsides," the oldest commissioned boat still in the water. It was commissioned by George Washington to fight the Barbary Pirates. She saw something like 30 battles and never lost. During a battle in the war of 1812, the cannonballs were seen to bounce off the sides of the ship (which is made of wood) and some sailor shouted something like "Huzzah! It's like she's made of iron!." Hence the nickname.

The green monster at Fenway Park.

I wish we had more pictures of our duck tour, but the camera died. It's a WWII amphibious vehicle, so we toured through Boston and into the Charles "Chals" river. It was really cool, if not really cold. They gave us these blankets and I realized at the end that I had four and Tyler only had one.


Myriah said...

Huzzah! I think living in Baston would be lovely and exciting because then i could be a republican/democrat.
A republicrat. Or a demolican, i suppose.

michelle said...

I wish there was more "Huzzah!" in my life.

Caitlin said...

That republican/democrat comment was very funny. I liked that blanket story too. That is totally something that I would do.

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