Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crazy Day

The other day, Lillian had so much energy. Manic energy. Everything was hilarious, she couldn't sit still, and she wanted to change activities every thirty seconds. After changing said activity, she would pursue the new activity with much force and vigor until she wanted to do something new 30 seconds later.

During dinner, she was doing this but with a whiplash-type back and forth and going "aaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHhhhhh, aaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHhhhhh, aaaaaaaaAAAAHHHHhhhh."

She's normally a demure child, so this day was particularly exhausting.


Bluebell said...

At least you got some good photos! Seriously, though, they (kids in general) can be exhausting. And congratulations on your pregnancy. =)

Myriah said...

You guys are having tacos!


Anonymous said...

Tacos! Yum!

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