Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Taggie blanket 1.0

With Allison's help and good suggestions, I have completed my first taggie blanket. It's pretty much just a square of fabric with little ribbon tags all along the outside. My husband was very confused about how the baby was going to fit into such a small blanket. It's not for wrapping them up, it's more of a toy.

Thanks Allison!


Amy said...

Good Job! They make super gifts

Caitlin said...

Sure beats paying $30 like I did. Sucker. I then proceeded to melt the fleece in the dryer. Yours is cuter BTW.

Allison said...

Very cute! You did a good job. Now there's no stopping you.

tonya Hill said...

The pillow game was too funny...even Aiden found it funny. If it could always be that easy to make them laugh :)

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