Sunday, April 22, 2007

The dog sweater

I have a friend named Patrick. Patrick is an engineer, a mechanical engineer I believe.

Whether it's the fact that he's Chinese or an engineer, I'm not sure, but Patrick views the world very differently.

He thought about what to get Lillian. He pictured a baby crawling and thought, "babies crawl on all fours, just like a dog.

"Wouldn't it stand to reason that if a baby assumes the posture of a dog, then dog clothing would fit much better than people clothing, which is designed to have the arms coming out at the sides, instead of the front?"

And that is how Lillian came to be the proud owner of a doggie sweater.


Caitlin said...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes what seems logical, isn't.

jen urena said...

keep this friend around, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

maybe her first words will be "bow-wow"

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