Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bib Advice

Lillian hates her bib. Sometimes. Well, maybe 70% of the time. If she forgets it's there, or if she doesn't see me put it on, there's no problem. But, other times... tonight, for example, Tyler was feeding blueberry and apple puree to a bibbed Lillian. She noticed her bib and started to tug at it, but I told Tyler to not let her take it off; who wants more laundry? She pulled and pulled until it came unvelcroed. Later that night during her bath, I noticed that in the throes of bib-pulling passion, she had actually cut up the back of her neck. That was a first, but is it the last?

Do I force her to wear one?

Do I just feed her naked?

Do I only feed her non-staining foods like cheerios and vanilla yogurt?

Do I just let all her shirts get stained?

Am I fighting a losing battle against the laundry anyway, thus any attempts at prohibiting staining or soiling are, in essence, futile?


Anonymous said...

What about a T-shirt that double as a bib? One of your old ones or Tyler's? Something with sleeves? Have you tried the ones that are made out of towels that fit down around her head?

A.Calder said...

If I know babies as well as I think I do I say Suran Wrap her

Anne "the Hook" Calder said...

i say feed her naked. all natural..

vwbabe said...

amanda, i gave up on bibs also and just feed sims with his diaper on. It is much easier and kinda cute. Once she gets bigger she won't make such a mess.

Bluebell said...

I like to feed Soren naked. The bib doesn't seem to catch nearly as much as I want it to, so what's the point?

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