Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's February!!!

I opened up my eyes this morning to a beautiful day, more beautiful than I had seen in months, or maybe a week. I walked outside, threw my head back, and laughed; it's February and 70 degrees outside. I am going to be sad when we have to leave this place, but I'm even more determined to enjoy it while I'm here.


Amy said...

Allison & I took the kids to the magic kingdom, it was super hot! It's awesome!

vwbabe said...

where are you going? Idaho?

Myriah said...

That Idaho comment was the saddest one ever. It's true, Idaho is not 70 degrees. It is currently 32 which is kinda pansy-ish.
Amanda, i hope you never have to live in Idaho. First off, you will have to get used to the idea of a basement as part of a functioning home, and you will also need to like bitter cold freezing winds.
But i made it through my first winter here. Of course, buying 4 new coats helped me through it a bit.

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