Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Madonnari

Every year, they host a chalk art festival outside the mission. It's called 'I Madonnari' (pronounced with an Italian accent so the I says E). There are probably about 50 drawings or so.

There was a little boy and his mom looking at this one when we passed by. The mom was saying what a beautiful painting this was. The little boy kept saying 'No, it's not.' The mom would say 'yes it is,' and so on and so forth. After a while, the little boy was exasperated and said, 'Mom, it's not. It's a chalking.'

This one's a giraffe. I kind of cut off it's mouth.

This statue/fountain is out in front of the mission. At first, Tyler put Lillian on top of the bear, and then ducked down so it would look like she was all by herself. But when he put up his hands to steady her, he felt that the metal was actually burning hot.


Caitlin said...

That is so cool! Those drawings are amazing. As for the burning hot metal, it is the first of many potential injuries that we as parents couse. I once pulled a thumb tack out of Archer's mouth when he was 10 months old. There are 2 funny things about this story. 1. My first thought was how I would explain this to the Dr. if he had swallowed it and 2. we don't own anything that would require thumb tacks. Hmmmm. Sorry we missed you while you were here. Hope you had a good experience at the temple.

Allison said...

Once I was babysitting and I thought I would be a super-cool babysitter and play a fun game. I took all sorts of things out of the fridge and I blindfolded the kids and put the various things on their tongues. Then they had to guess what it was. Unfortunately, one of the things I used was tabasco sauce... a nice liberal helping on their tongues. ha ha. I didn't know how much it burns. It's not like our parents had tabasco sauce on hand. I guess some people even use the old tabasco-sauce-on-the-tongue to punish their kids.

Sanchez Family said...

Eli is teaching Nathan how to skate and play hockey. I had to explain to the preschool this morning why it looks like we beat the crap out of him this past weekend.

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