Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Baby Yoga

Lillian and I started our baby yoga class today. Either I'm really out of shape, or it's really hard. I'm not sure which. This is the rocker pose where you do sit-ups. The other one that I thought was particularly difficult is where you do squats while holding the baby out at arms length. Fifteen times. Meah. I was sort of afraid that my baby would be the only one crying, but she was actually one of the better ones. Out of a dozen women, probably only 4 or 5 were participating at any given time. Lillian cried for about 10 minutes out of the hour and 15 minute class. She even fell asleep for the last little bit. It was fun, even if I can barely carry her up the two flights of stairs to our apartment.


Allison said...

It sounds fun. I'm glad you're doing it. You'll feel like a buff momma in no time at all!

Amanda said...

I don't feel like a buff momma today, my arms are so sore!

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