Thursday, June 06, 2013


Lillian likes the idea of playing soccer- she likes running around on the field while the other kids move the ball around.  We kept yelling at her, "LILLIAN! GET THE BALL!" and "LILLIAN KICK IT!"  It was never much help.  Finally, Tyler took her aside and asked her if she knew what "be aggressive" meant.  She said no.

"Being aggressive in soccer means that you get to ignore every rule that you learned in school: you don't have to wait your turn, you don't have to ask permission, you don't have to share, you can steal the ball from other players, you can be in someone else's space, and you can cut in front of people."

With each new instruction, her eyes got bigger and bigger, but she was pumped to get back in the game and try it out.  And she did! She stole the ball and dribbled it for a little bit until she lost it.  In two seasons of soccer, that was a first.

The whole ride home, she gushed about how impolite she was and how she ran up to that kid and STOLE the ball.  But, it seems like she can't completely turn her back on her old ways because she quietly admitted to me that when she took it, she said thank you in her head.


Anne said...

This may be the cutest story that has ever been written in the history of time.

The Clark's said...

What a great girl!

Vivian said...

If only EVERY kid needed to be taught that way around. hahaha oh and great picture. She is cute.

Belle of the Blues said...

That is stinkin' adorable! What a sweetheart! Great story for posterity. Also, I find myself trying to find a 'like' button for Anne's comment.

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