Monday, January 07, 2013

In Case You Forgot...

In case you forgot, here's a little reminder:

Tyler is a superdad.  He put 3 kids in the car, drove them 2 hours, and then played with them in the snow BY HIMSELF.

I had to work last Saturday and while it does snow in (parts) of Tucson, the snow is not a season-long thing.  Tyler was afraid that it would be gone by the time we could both get up there in a week or two.

So he just did it.  They played all morning.  We didn't have proper snow boots for Lillian and her galoshes were very good for scooping up snow and packing it around her feet, so I think she was the first to crack.

Other than that, I think they had fun, and Nora told me that snow is her new favorite food.


Anonymous said...

I do love this story

Allison said...

Hudson told me that Ava, at school, is so nice to him because she gave him a bite of her icicle. He proceeded to demonstrate how his bit it. I'm hoping germs can't survive on ice.

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