Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unsinkable Molly ... uh... spider

A few days ago, I put the kids in the bath.  They all three fit, sort of.  There's the usual elbowing and Lillian always wants to lay down forcing the other two to curl up in the corners, but it's fine mostly.  Tyler came up and said he'd wash them, so I went out to fold laundry.  I could hear the usual arguing over toys and space, then they started screaming... like... scared for your life screaming.  I ran back in expecting blood, but instead saw Tyler trying scoop this guy out of the tub.

"MOM," Nora screamed.  "It crawled out of this toy and then it crawled on my leg!"

After we took the picture, Tyler turned on the faucet and washed it down the drain.  Five minutes later, it crawled back out.  Ewww.

Just in case this was some sort of mutant undrownable spider, Tyler squished it with a shoe.


Belle of the Blues said...

It crawled back out?! *shivers* That's why I flush unwelcome pests down the toilet. =D Glad to see you blogging again!

Candy Cakes said...

AGK! That freaks me out...like too much. *shudder

Bridget said...

Oh man, that is a huge spider. I'm glad it no longer exists.

T-Ray said...

Coming back from washing it down the drain gives me the creeps. I'm glad he killed it. I'm also glad that you posted your blog on facebook so that I can now start following you and seeing what you are up to. Your kids are so cute! It is fun to see pictures of you. It has been SO long.

Myriah Cohen said...

I'm going to need a warning on future posts that could cause nightmares, thank you.

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