Thursday, June 07, 2012

May 10: First attempt at 9 miles.  1:54:11.  Only made it home because Tyler was going to be late for work.  Tired.  So tired.  Walked long stretches after I hit the 7.5-mile mark. Relied on water fountains dotting the route.

May 26: Second attempt.  2:04:09.  Brought my own water but run was slightly worse.  Wall came at 7 miles.  By the time I got home, I was limping slightly and had taken off my shoes, thinking it would make my feet hurt less.

June 7: Third attempt. 2:08:43.  So much better.  I didn't watch my calories yesterday and ate pasta for dinner last night.  I brought water, shot blocks and grapes.  Only walked up one hill, a little bit half-way through as I was fishing the shot blocks out of my backpack, and once when Tyler called to ask where I had hidden the HSA card that I told him I would give him before I left but didn't.  I had to take a bathroom break around 7 miles, but the park is right on my route.  My feet didn't hurt, my legs were fine.  I reminded myself to pick up my feet to increase my speed, but it seems it didn't work.

Why am I getting slower?


Eevi said...

Just remember that running 9 miles is running 9 miles no matter how fast/slow you run it. It is still something that very few people dare to even attempt.

Keep running! And no worries about not saying hi on Saturday. I realized that you didnt see me:)

Vivian said...

9? NINE???

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