Saturday, April 21, 2012

No Fiction, Just Tomes

There's a woman I know who is moving to E\ngland for a year.  She is pretty much the nicest person in the world and so it comes as no surprise that everyone is very sad to see her go, and they organized a big farewell dinner in her honor.  I couldn't go because I had to work, but I'm sure a lot of people went because everyone loves this lady. 

Note: this is not a post to whine about how I have no friends... it's funny at the end.

Tyler and I got to go on a date last night.  We went to a fancy hipster restaurant for fancy ice cream and then went to see The Hunger Games.  (Side note: When am I going to stop being surprised that people bring their 5-to-6-year old kids to violent movies at NINE FIFTY PM?)  I brought up the fact that if we moved away, the list would be pretty short of people who would come to our going away party.  Which is fine, I think having that many friends takes a lot of time and energy, two things that are currently in short supply at our house, and I really like the friends we have.  We talked about what it would be like to be popular and puzzled about what popular people do with their friends.  (I really have no idea, what do you do with the kids?)

As we were driving from the ice cream place to the movie theaters, we passed an antique shop called "Ye Old Toms."  Tyler started laughing and said that he read "Ye Old Tomes"... like books.  We joked about what a bookshop that only sold tomes would look like and the poor hapless customer who wanders in looking for a novel.  "Sorry, no fiction buddy, only volumes."  We laughed and giggled for a good 5 minutes about that one.

Then we laughed some more about how nerdy we were and how this is probably the exact reason why we never were and never will be popular. 


krissiecook said...

I would say you are popular with just the right sort of people. The nerds shall inherit the earth. And the old tomes.

Bridget said...

Agreed w/above.

Rachel Watkins said...

I can imagine this conversation so perfectly, it makes me smile, feeling I was actually there in your backseat, listening. Not... in a weird way... In the non I-was-waiting-for-you-to-get-into-your-car-so-I-could-kill-you-or-stalk-you sort of way... I'm feeling awkward about this whole conversation. Let's start this over:
I love you guys and it makes me happy we are friends.

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