Monday, March 12, 2012

Things I wish for

I wish I wasn't sick: on Thursday night/Friday morning, one of the techs came down sick, they went to employee health and turns out it was H1N1 flu. I worked Friday and Saturday. About 3 or 4 in the afternoon in Saturday, I started coughing. Yesterday, I didn't feel too poorly, but stayed home from church just in case. I feels worse today- aches, cough, hurty head. I wish Tyler was here: Tyler going to Kentucky for 4 days is bad enough, but to have to go when I'm sick is worse. I wish my mom was here: Ever since I had kids, my mom has never been closer than 4 hours away. I can manage fine between my friends and visiting teachers, but there a some jobs that you really only feel comfortable asking your mom or sister to do (i.e. can you come over and do my dishes while I zone out on the couch? Or, Tyler has to go out of town at the last minute, can you take my kids for 14 hours tomorrow because I'm having a hard time switching my work schedule?). I wish Ethan would learn how to entertain himself for more than 30 seconds. Then maybe I could get more things done, or maybe just more zoning out. I wish I could simultaneously stay home more and work the same amount. I wish I didnt live in dread of the coming summer, or, I wished we lived somewhere that didn't have 6 months of triple-digit heat.


Allison said...

Sorry. You're clearly having a bad day. I hope you feel better.

Candy Cakes said...

Stink. I wish all those things for you too. Seems like you are getting it from all angles right now. Praying it miraculously gets better. But just in case I will pray for your survival if it doesn't.

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