Sunday, March 27, 2011

Albuer... Albuqur... Alberquirk...

We headed up to Albuquerque to see one of our good friends marry an awesome girl.

Here's a little slideshow of our pictures, plus some other stuff we did this month.

Untitled from Amanda Ball on Vimeo.

The funniest part: At the fancy pants luncheon after the ceremony, Patrick said his Bishop asked him why he wanted to marry Sarah, and in a round-about way, he answered because he loved her. The Bishop asked *why* he loved her, and he said he had no idea, but he has eternity to figure it out.

The longest part: The drive home. We sang every verse I could think of (and make up) to The Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, , and every other song I know (which if you realize that I'm my mother's daughter, that's a lot).

The happiest part: Watching the look on Sarah's face during the ceremony- she looked like she was going to explode with glee.

The tastiest part: The raspberry sorbet with the lemon cookie is tied with those delicious home-made crescent rolls. I jokingly told the girl helping with the food that I could eat 5 or 6 more, hoping she would bring 5 or 6 more, but she only brought one.

The most well orchestrated part: Sarah arranged babysitting for us during the temple ceremony AND during the fancy pants luncheon. She's awesome.

The best part: Being with a lot of good friends.


The Clark's said...

Loved the slide show! Favorite part was the st. patrick day hats.

heidi nielsen said...

Albuquerque! Kind of a different place, huh? We love it and are sad to leave in a year. I totally would have watched the kiddos.

Tyler Ball said...

Heidi, I had no idea that's where you guys ended up. We totally would have imposed on you if I paid more attention.

Cheryl said...

I agree that "Sarah" (whoever she is) is awesome if she arranged babysitting for the luncheon. Sooo nice. And for some reason I can't remember your son's name. We are having a boy now I am pretty sure his name isn't Graham, Ezra or Nicholas (our top three) but I just was trying to remember. Ahhh. I'll probably remember this morning at 4 A.M. You know...for my daily pregnancy trek to the bathroom. nice. Glad New Mexico treated you well.

heidi nielsen said...

What? You don't keep track of where all your long lost cousins live? You're clearly not as talented at blog stalking as I am.

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