Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top 5 worst night's sleeps

Our house has been a den of sickness this past week. On Saturday, Nora felt a little warm, but was acting fine, so we loaded up to drive into town and run a bunch of errands. Twenty minutes into our trip, we weren't quite at Destination #1 yet, and Nora threw up all over herself. We weren't equipped to handle that particular disaster, so we gave up and went home. She proceeded to have several instances of what I would chart (if I were her nurse) as N/V/D (nausea/vomiting/diarrhea). Sunday she felt fine, and so did everyone else, so I thought it was a one time incident. Not so. Tuesday, Lillian started throwing up. A lot. I felt like an old-timey nurse because I was just running around changing sheets and mopping. I think I did 4 or 5 loads of laundry. Yesterday, she had less of the N/V and more of the D problem. Also gross. Plus a temp of 103 that came down to 101 with Tylenol.

Then, I started feeling sick in the afternoon. Plus, I had heartburn really bad. I called my mom in tears, and I think I sounded sufficiently pathetic that she's decided to drop everything and fly out here. I heart her.

Anyway, last night was I think the last stand of Lillian's sickness. I felt really bad for her, she was so weak and tired and sad and feverish, so I agreed to let her sleep in our bed. This has never happened before. I think I got about 2 hours of sleep.

My friend Carrie pointed out once that it's not a lack of sleep that makes a bad night. I've stayed up all night writing papers or that one time I watched all 6 hours of North & South, and sure you're tired the next day, but it's not so bad. No, a bad night is one where the promise of sleep is constantly being made and broken. Last night, I think, was my 4th worst night sleep.

#5: 2001. Both my roommates were out of town and I was by myself in my apartment. In the dead of night, I could have sworn that a man opened my front door, talked loudly for a few seconds, then left. It's probable that I forgot to lock the door and some person (probably drunk, I mean, this was Santa Barbara) accidentally came inside, realized it wasn't his house and left. But I was so freaked out. It being the middle of the night, I started coming up with all sorts of crazy theories like the drunk guy was just an excuse for one of his friends to slip in and hide in the shadows until I fell back asleep, at which time he would murder me in my bed. There was a young married couple who lived down the street and I called them and made them come get me and I went to sleep at their apartment, where I slept soundly for the rest of the night.

#4: 2010. Last night. I had a fever, heartburn, big baby belly, kept having to get up to go to the bathroom, and I was being muscled out of my bed by Lillian, who was really hot because she had a fever too.

#3: 2006. My dad was going to come visit and spend two nights at the Madonna Inn. My memory is kind of sketchy about what happened, I think Jeri got sick, so he ended up not being able to come. For some reason he couldn't cancel his reservation, so Tyler and I went to spend the night there. I was pregnant with Lillian, but I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with the awful sleep we got. It was the most uncomfortable bed I've ever been in with the firmest, tallest pillows ever. At about 3 AM, I looked over and saw Tyler was awake too, so we turned on the TV and watched that movie with Jimmy Fallon where he really likes the Red Sox.

#2: 2006. The night I was in labor with Lillian. I had been having serious contractions all the previous night and day and by the time we went to the hospital that night at around 8, I think, I was zero dilated. I cried. Because the doctor felt my contractions were pretty strong and that I was in a lot of pain she gave me a shot of morphine. I remember them asking if I wanted it, and me being like, "YES PLEASE," but now it seems a bizarre thing to offer. It made me hallucinate and get even more wacky. Then, I remember swallowing a pill, which Tyler told me later was Ambien. So all that night, I was SUPER tired from the sleeping pill plus not having slept in 36 hours, hallucinating, and contracting every 5 minutes. Tyler told me I'd be dead asleep, wake up and scream for a minute, then fall dead asleep again. I sort of remember the doctor breaking my water and I vaguely remember the anesthesiologist coming in to give me an epidural. Mostly I remember he asked if I had ever had surgery before, and I told him that I couldn't keep my eyes open. And Tyler fainted when the doc stuck the needle into my back. After the epidural, we slept for about 5 hours until they woke me up and told me it was time to push, so I was rested for the actual birth part, which was nice. This night would be #1 worst, but I was so out of it, I don't really remember a lot of it.

#1: 2008. We had just moved to Tucson and in an effort to make friends, we decided to go on the ward campout. I was pregnant with Nora and we only had a 2-man tent. I suppose that counts as the first time Lillian slept with us. She was so fascinated by the novelty of sleeping in the tent, outside, on the ground, in between Mom and Dad that she didn't sleep all night. She talked, she wiggled, she played with her stuffed animals, she wanted to touch all the zippers. At one point, Tyler took her stuffed bunny and threw it to the bottom of the tent in an effort to get her to stop going 'boing! boing! boing!' on his head, which was very distressing to her, and needed it back RIGHT NOW but I couldn't find it in the dark. Plus, there was someone snoring really loudly nearby. Plus, I was pregnant sleeping on the ground. We couldn't just pack it in and leave because we had given our neighbors a ride, so we had to stick it out.

In the morning, I tried to be optimistic and say maybe if we got another tent, or a bigger tent it would be better but Tyler announced that we'd never go camping EVER AGAIN.

Am I the only one who keeps track of this sort of thing?


Natchel said...

I'm so sorry! I wish I could be there to help out! But moms are so great for things like that.
My worst night of sleep was in high school when a friend at school gave me two young rats that I had wanted from her... litter? Rat litter? Anyway, I got home from school and my mom flipped out, said I couldn't keep them and I had to give them back the next day. But in the meantime, they had chewed through the shoe box. So I put them in my shower and closed the sliding glass door.
We didn't tell my dad because we thought that was for the best.
I shared a wall with the bathroom and I had a very restless sleep because I was so worried somehow the scene from Jurassic Park where the raptors learn to open doors was happening in the next room and they would escape and also because they had figured out how to use the shampoo bottles to climb up onto the ledge and were skittering laps around and around the tub.
Finally, at about 4am, when my dad gets up for his morning walk, I heard someone in the bathroom so I jumped up to go look and found my dad holding a plunger in self defense peeking into the shower, very comically. I explained the situation very quickly, he was very confused, said "Oh...", laid down his weapon and left the room.
Has to be the worst night for me.

Emily said...

Actually, no-I do this all the time. I think about some horrible night I just had and think about where it ranks. Mine, similar to yours, are pretty much all related to camping and labor. I just had one on my first red-eye plane experience.

Way to turn a horrible thing into a clever idea.

Claire said...

I was coming into San Luis Obispo at the end of the summer, before I had my apartment for the year, and stayed one night with my future housemate (not roommate, thankfully). She had a queen sized bed, so we both climbed in. After about 5 minutes, she fell asleep. And started snoring. Louder than I’ve ever heard anyone snore. I couldn’t make that loud a noise if I was awake and trying. And it didn’t stop….all….night. I would try shaking the bed, tapping her on the arm, making loud noises to try to wake her. It was like torture.
This really would have been enough to drive me insane. But there was also the loud parrot. And the phone that started ringing at 5:00 AM at top volume, no one answering, and the answering machine, at top volume, then repeating every 20 minutes. Also, the loudest chiming clock I have heard outside of Germany.
At one point around 5:30, I started laughing maniacally. They’d broken me.

Bridget said...

Ugh. I enjoyed reading this post but I hate sleepless nights. Jeremy and I categorize them, too. The other night was my very worst night's sleep ever spent in a bed. I might have to do a blog post like this sometime.

The Clark's said...

Maybe I'm the only one who hasn't ranked my worst nights sleep. Sorry I can't be there to help.

Vivian said...

One of my worst nights of sleep started like this around 1am in a hostel in London:
Scottish guy: Who's this new girl?
Me: Vivian
guy: Vivian, what are you doing in bed?
Me: Trying to sleep, I have to get up early.
guy: ooh, well Vivian, there's going to be a party in here tonight.
me: no no no
guy: yes, yes, its been planned for a while. (which in hostel terms means like, what, 2 hours?)
me: *pillow on head*

Carrie G said...

I have put a LOT of thought into sleepless nights. There are rules:
1. As you mentioned, it can't just be simple lack of sleep.
2. The worst nights involve some kind of bodily fluids. With vomit, diarrhea and pregnancy peeing, I think you have hit the trifecta. Plus stomach acid- a fourth bodily fluid I hadn't even considered.

My worst night was also at a youth hostel, in Ireland, on St Patrick's Day. I was the only female in a room with 12 verry intoxicated individuals. All night long I listened to the sound of people vomiting onto the floor next to their beds. All night until about 3am when I just decided to go sit on the curb outside of the hostel and wait for the sun to come up.

BTW- I saw your Facebook post that you wanted your mom. I can't believe you actually GOT her!

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