Saturday, May 15, 2010

Secret revealed!

What Nora did while Claire helped me write my application essays

I have a secret that so many people know about, it's not really a secret anymore: starting in August, right after the baby is born, I'll be going back to school.

I'm crazy. I know.

This being my third baby, I also know one other thing: from birth, they only get harder and more work until they're about 3, and then it starts going back down. And, babies sleep a lot.

The program is 12 months long and is all online.

You may be thinking, "but Amanda, you're already an RN." This is true, but I only have an associate's degree, even though it took me 4 years to get. As an RN, you are pretty much confined to staff nursing, which is fine and something I want to do until I'm not afraid I'm going to kill someone, but I don't want to do it forever. We're thinking that by the time I'm good and ready to go to work, I'll have my bachelor's degree and (hopefully) that means I'll get paid more so I'll (hopefully) be able to afford to work less. Get it?

I still have yet to be accepted into the actual program, but I'm working on it. Wish me luck.


Carrie G said...

good luck! with Nora looking like that, you should have no trouble.

Anne said...

nora is the cutest thing. ever. oh ya and good luck too!

Myriah said...

It was a secret? Sorry, but I told my mom.

Anyway, enjoy Theory of Video Gaming!

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