Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm in the kitchen cutting up chicken for dinner. Lillian comes in and very excitedly starts saying "chinnnn, chinnnnn" and tries to grab my hand. "Chicken?" I guess. "Chinnnn, chinnn" "Yes, I'm cutting up chicken," I say. "I can't hold your hand, my hands are all chicken-y." Frustrated, she exits the kitchen and tries Tyler. "Chinnnnn Chinnnn." He replies, "yes, mom's making chicken." This is not working. She starts sounding desperate, "CHinnnn!" "Uh-huh, chicken."

She changes her tactic. "Wipe," she tells Tyler. ('Wipe' meaning Kleenex.) He reaches over and gets her a Kleenex. She hands it right back to him. "Wipe." "I just gave you a wipe," Tyler says, and tries to give it back. She stamps her foot. "CHINNNNN." At this point, Lillian begins jabbing her finger at Tyler's chin. "You want me to wipe my chin?" Yes. Tyler gives his chin a cursory wipe and hands the Kleenex to Lillian. This is not enough. "Chinnnn," she says and gives the wipe back to him.

Tyler begins to wonder what is going on, and peeks at himself in the mirror. Sure enough, there on his chin is a smear of chocolate left from a chocolate chip cookie he ate 10 minutes ago.


Anonymous said...

I love how she changed tactics. Mia has learned this fine art too. She also has followed in Lilly's footsteps by learning to take our hands and lead us where she wants us to go. It's great - Thanks Lilly. Come visit anytime.

Cheryl said...

I love it. I tell my dad when he has missed food all the time, but I'm not 2! Amazing Lillian!

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