Sunday, June 08, 2008


Our graduation/going away party is still on for the 21st. As everyone sounded willing to help out with the party, I went ahead and made assignments. If you cannot, or don't want to, bring something, please let me know so I can figure something else out. We're expecting around 35 adults and eating children (not children for eating... but children who are going to eat) so this is what Tyler and I came up with:

Marti: s'mores paraphernalia
Dick & Jeri: 2-3 12 packs of soda and 1 thing of juice boxes
Sanchez family: around 25 hot dogs
Plummer family: around 25 hot dogs
Anne & Aaron: around 25 buns
Andrew: around 25 buns
Mark & Darlene: 2-3 12 packs of soda and 1 thing of juice boxes
Claire and assorted Gregorys (Gregories?): Plates and forks
Thomas family: napkins
Liz and guest (Tyler and I think Jacqueline (which is how spell check thinks you should spell her name, but I have no idea) should come): ice
Eastburn family: salad
Mike: salad
Isabelle: salad
Myriah and Tara: staking out the spot

We tried to assign people who were coming out of town stuff that they could get at the store real quick. Also, I guess worrying about not having enough chairs wasn't enough as Tyler is now worried we won't have enough salads, so if you're feeling generous, you could bring a salad too.

Remember: bring your own chairs.


Myriah said...

I am so nervous.

I will have to plan this out.

I will have to bring a few chairs to stake out a place... maybe i can use some sort of rope to define the area...I'm going to have to get there early...thankfully Tara and I are pro's at being at the beach all day and also giving people dirty looks, so we should be able to secure a pit fairly well.

Anonymous said...

I will bring a salad too....

Allison said...

Hot dogs... check. Is there a time for this shin dig to go down? We'll all be up there about noon I think.

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