Monday, May 26, 2008


I'm officially done with the academic part of school. Woo Hoo! Graduation was last Friday (I didn't go), but it feels so good to be done. And, to answer the question that I get asked most often, no, we don't nursing hats anymore.

All this week, I have a review class through a private company for the state boards. I didn't realize until I was scheduling Lillian's day care that it's from 9-5. That's a long time.

Other than that, plans are moving forward for our move to Tucson. Allison wondered why I wasn't more excited, and it's mostly due to the fact that any move is stressful, especially moves out of state. We have so much to get done before it all happens that I'm freaking out a little bit, but I know it will all work out.


Steph said...

Yea, freaking out feels accurate right about now.

Anonymous said...

It's ok to freak out. I am freaking out and we are moving 1 mile away. Not state to state!

Myriah said...

Congrats on the graduation!

Oh, I always knew you could do it.

I remember one time when i was visiting from school, and we were in the back parking area of your apartment on Boysen, right after (or before?) a body flow class, and you were freaking out cause you were going to be a mom, and you hadn't finished school yet, and you were saying that your mom finished all of her school after she had kids, and how you weren't sure you could do school and have kids, but you did it.

You DID it!

Nice work, Amanda.

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