Monday, March 03, 2008

We have a climber

We had our quarterly meeting with Lillian's teacher at her day care. She put it best when she said that Lillian is exhibiting "limit-testing behaviors." One of those limits she's testing is how high she can climb on the desk chair. One day when I'm not looking, she's going to go over the top.


Caitlin said...

She looks so proud of herself!

Myriah said...

Hopefully she'll go over while you are looking, because that would be quite the spill to watch! Who would want to miss it?

Bluebell said...

So Soren's sitting on my lap, looking at this post with me.

"Mama, what that?"
"That's your cousin Lillian. She's going to come visit and play with you!"
"I show her my lawn mower. Mmm hmmm."
"Oh, you're going to share your toys?"

Looking forward to your visit ;)

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